Thursday 08th of March 2012    

Welcome all students to the new Academic year 2010-2011.
Welcome to the new era of knowledge

Welcome to the Scientific Library of Tbilisi State Medical University. Tbilisi State Medical University is one of the leading universities in the Eastern Europe. The heart of the Tbilisi State Medical University is well equipped Scientific Library.  The primary function of the Tbilisi State Medicine University Library is to supply with information the process of the researching, education and learning in the University; to provide a complete, high quality service for our users; to make accessible the local and external information resources.                                                                                                                                                         


1937   Republic Scientific Medicine Library                                                  

1960    Library of Medicine Institute

2003    Reconstruction of the Library                                                                                                                                     Theme Movie

Main Facts                                                                                                                                      

Collections (2010.01.21)           296454  items               28360 titles

Readers                                      4565

Visitors                                       42523

Loans per year                            91310

Reading rooms                            8

Working places                           197 (97 computerized)

Staff                                           21

Reading Rooms

General reading hall                          100

Reading hall for foreign literature       45

Reading room for academic staff         15

Reading room for Encyclopedia             5

2 Computer halls                                 77

DVD video resource's room                   18

Conference Hall                                   75


Library Staff

Library Staff


Working Hours

Monday - Friday                     10.00 am  -  7.00 pm

Saturday                                10.00 am  -  4.00pm

Sunday                                   Holiday


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